Sl NoDate of StartingSubjectDate of ClosingDownload
4910/07/2024EOI for display on hoarding20/07/2024DOWNLOAD
4815/07/2024Corrigendum in respect of EOI for Manpower24/07/2024Download
4710/07/2024Extension Notice for supply of computer materials, packing materials & official stationary25/07/2024Download
4604/07/2024EOI for Manpower Agency24/07/2024Download
4521/06/2024Quotation Call Notice for Packing Materials10/07/2024Download
4421/06/2024Tender for Special handloom Expos - 2024-2515/07/2024Download
4313/06/2024Quotation for Capacity Building (TR) under POHI26/06/2024Download
4211/03/2024Technical Bid Opening - Expression of Interest Notice No 64716/03/2024Download
4101/03/2024Expression of Interest for Face Lifting Work of Boyanika Showroom at Sambalpur11/03/2024Download
4004/03/2024Engagement of Retd. Govt. Employee as OSD/ Consultant on contractual basis 13/03/2024Download
3902/03/2024Expression of Interest for Painting Work of Head Office Building, Boyan Bhawan, Bhubaneswar11/03/2024Download
3802/03/2024Expression of Interest for Face Lifting Work of Boyanika Showroom at Sundargarh11/03/2024Download
3702/03/2024Expression of Interest for Facelifting work of Boyanika Showroom Baripada11/03/2024Download
3602/03/2024Supply of Branding Packing Materials10/03/2024Download
3528/02/2024Expression of Interest for Commissioning & Erection work of Incubation Center, BBSR07/03/2024Download
3427/02/2024Expression of Interest for shifting of Boyanika Showroom in Terminal 104/03/2024Download
3319/01/2024Quotation - Annual Activity Report30/01/2024Download
3206/01/2024Expression of Interest for State Level Tableau Display12/01/2024Download
3128/12/2023Expression of Interest - Children's Zone at National Handloom Expo 202403/01/2024Download
3028/12/2023Expression of Interest - Food Stall at National Handloom Expo 202403/01/2024Download
2918/12/2023Expression of Interest for Empanelment of Designers27/12/2023Download
2814/12/2023Short Quotation Supply of hand bags20/12/2023Download
2708/12/2023Quotation for Vehicle Hiring12/12/2023Download
2618/11/2023Supply of Branding Materials12/12/2023Download
2518/11/2023Empanelment of Event Managment Agency Fashion Show28/11/2023Download
2430/10/2023Expresion of Interest for preparation of Govt. Diary07/11/2023Download
2307/10/2023Quotation for Insurance of Boyanika Properties & Exibitions13/10/2023Download
2205/09/2023Food Stall at National Level handloom Expo - 202312/09/2023Download
2121/08/2023Supply for skill upgradation training, Bargarh08/09/2023Download
2010/08/2023Reschedule of Tender No 245016/08/2023Download
1903/08/2023Corrigendum Tender Notice 2450 dated 21.07.202310/08/2023Download
1827/07/2023Expression of Interest - Printing of Annual Activity Report04/08/2023Download
1727/07/2023Quotation call for Purchase of Looms - Nayagarh23/08/2023Download
1624/07/2023Quotation call for Purchase of Looms - Khurdha16/08/2023Download
1525/07/2023Quotation call for Purchase of Looms - Bargarh11/08/2023Download
1424/07/2023Quotation Call Notice for transportation of handloom goods10/08/2023Download
1322/07/2023Tender Call Notice for National Level Handloom Expo 202310/08/2023Download
1219/07/2023Quotation call notice for Technological Intervention and skill upgradation training10/08/2023Download
1126/05/2023Expression of Interest for Residential Accommodation of President of Boyanika 09/06/2023Download
1023/05/2023Expression of Interest for hoardings05/06/2023Download
908/05/2023Quotation for Travel Agencies22/05/2023Download
819/04/2023Notice in respect of Tender Call Notice No.99428/04/2023Download
715/04/2023Expression of Interest for shop room at Singhadwar, Puri24/04/2023Download
613/04/2023Quotation Call Notice for supply of Computer/Packing/Printing Materials & Official Stationeries08/05/2023Download
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